The Yuh Feng Filling Line is a leading brand in Taiwan. Yuh Feng’s equipment is widely used in the beverage industry.

Yuh Feng provides the perfect pouring solution for the business. With advanced technology, modern is constantly updated.

Dây chuyền chiết rót Yuh Feng
Dây chuyền chiết rót Yuh Feng

Some of YuhFeng‘s product lines:

  • SMA Series Monobloc Filling Line. Designed to extract energy drinks and pharmaceuticals. Liquid extraction in small glass bottles. With a compact design and a stainless steel case. Save the factory space. Ensure the highest hygiene standards for the product. Meet all the toughest requirements of the industry.
  • SM Series Monobloc Filling Line. The filling system is designed for the non-carbonated beverage industry in PET bottles. With 3 in 1 design. Includes cleaning, extraction and capping technology. SM Series Monobloc line ensures optimal food hygiene. Help businesses minimize downtime in operation. Save on production costs. Moreover, the interface with color screen is friendly, facilitating operation easier.
  • FCB Series Monobloc Filling Line. Suitable for filling non-carbonated beverages into large PET bottles. And glass bottles, twist cap.

        FAC Series Monobloc Filling Line. The system is designed 3 in 1. Solid structure, compact. Helps businesses save space. Is a closed production system. Product time machine downtime. At the            same time to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Dây chuyền chiết rót Yuh Feng
Dây chuyền chiết rót Yuh Feng

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