Stickers, labels and decals play an important role in producing products. They are used to provide the necessary and important information of the product. Helping consumers to be assured of the choice of goods, promote consumption.

A product labeled with the origin of the information will create the trust for customers. And customers will continue to use that product if your company brand is really good. The more decal the design is, the more scientific it will show the level of business versus the competition.

That is also the most attractive to customers. However, if a sticker with an impressive design, luxury, class, but is distorted, torn, edge will lose the value of the product. That affects the brand of the business. Labelling machines are used to ensure aesthetics and stamp quality. In addition, ensuring consumer safety is a must.

It is important to communicate information in case of product recall. It is therefore important to ensure that the label is printed and glued to the product with a labelling machine.

To meet the needs of manufacturers, machinery manufacturers have made many technological support. It is possible to split the labelling machine into 3 types:

Manual sticking (hand-held or hand-peeling) 14376396518136683prodzoomimg2673Untitled Advantages: Easy to use, lightweight, low cost Disadvantages: It takes a lot of time, effort, cost for labor Automatic labelling machine may dan nhan decal chai tron ban tu dong mt50 e1528250142831 Advantages: Easy to use, lightweight, low cost. It’s easier and more efficient than hand-crafted labeling Cons: time consuming, laborious, costly labor Automatic labelling machine LABELSTIK 150B a Advantages: Simple to use, stickers are glued to the place. The sticker is not torn or extruded. Perfect seamless integration into other production lines. Cons: High cost, need time to order from the manufacturer Depending on the needs of use and investment budget, each business will have its own choice.

However, with the production of thousands of products per day, businesses should invest in automatic labelling machines to help achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

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