Used inkjet printers For vegetable – fruit – fruit industry produced by Videojet. No. 1 brand in the US.

The machine uses Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ) technology. With the ability to print from 1 to 5 lines of text. This is the machine with the most flexible technology.


Máy in phun hạn sử dụng _ rau - củ - quả
Máy in phun hạn sử dụng _ rau – củ – quả


Term-use inkjet printers have an important position in the vegetable-fruit-fruit production chain. This is a solution for consumers to identify safe food. Determine whether the food is “overdone” or not. It is also a good habit and is most concerned with consumers.

So the print on the vegetable - fruit - vegetable packaging requires sharp, clear. At the same time ensure the aesthetics of product packaging. Today, inkjet printers are used widely and widely. Especially food processing. To meet the standards of quality, food hygiene and safety. Meet the increasing quality requirements of consumers.
Food safety is a primary concern, the basic of consumers. When the information such as production date, expiry date, code ... On the packaging, the label is deformed, peeling ... The product is not trusted, choose.

This will seriously affect the competitiveness of the product. Affecting the prestige of the business. This is determined by the quality of the inkjet printer used. Quality of ink and materials. These factors directly affect the print quality.

Videojet’s products produce high-quality, durable, sharp prints. Not easily peeling, scratching, during storage, moving products.

in date hộp bìa cứng rau-củ-quả
in date hộp bìa cứng rau-củ-quả

Máy In Date trong ngành Rau-Củ Qủa
Máy In Date trong ngành Rau-Củ Qủa

Currently, Videojet has developed a catalog of over 175 inks. Thus, the Videojet CIJ series can be printed on any product. In addition, Videojet has developed light toner inks. Easy to read on dark packaging. And with the quick drying feature of the ink, the prints are not smudged in the process.

The inkjet printer uses Videojet to offer optimum features. Helps bring high performance to the business. Meet all strict standards for food safety vegetables – tubers – fruit.

Some outstanding features of the Videojet printer:
  • Printing on all kinds of materials: plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, ...
  • Printing on all surfaces: curved, concave, flat, …
  • Works at all speeds and under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Superior printing capabilities with Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ) technology.
  • Ability to work well, minimize printing errors and stop production abruptly.
  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple
  • CleanFlow ™ technology and positive-pressure print head.
  • The Smart Cartridge ™ is not intrusive. No waste. Not mistaken.
  • Dynamic Calibration feature automatically adjusts the parameters. Helps maintain print quality in a changing environment.
Inkjet printers use Videojet as the world’s leading brand.
Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company specializes in providing solutions Videojet inkjet printer. We are proud of being one of the most reputable and dedicated providers of inkjet printers.


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