The Videojet DataFlex 6420 (DataFlex Plus) thermal transfer printer with superior quality, state-of-the-art technology in the United States is always a top choice for many food and beverage brands. Works well and meets all criteria, from heat transfer to normal packaging to bottles, bottles, copper cables, metal, …

TTO is a solution for all manufacturers. For coffee, cigarettes, confectionery, … The manager of the packaging process, the owner of the business requires high-quality output products. Ensure complete removal or error reduction during operation. Ensure fast production speed, while the quality of heat transfer printing must be absolutely accurate.

Videojet’s thermal transfer printers have a width of 3.2cm and 5.3cm (up to 7.4cm for the DataFlex 6420 thermal transfer printer (DataFlex Plus) respectively.) A perfect combination of print head and ribbon for performance.
The most economical use for business use. Videojet thermal transfer printers are designed to fit in a common system with other equipment such as pouring lines and straight labellers. Print speed of up to 250 minutes.

dây điện - máy in phun date code Videojet 3
dây điện – máy in phun date code Videojet 3

Why Choose DataFlex 6420 Thermal Printer (DataFlex Plus)

Simply because in addition to the high technical characteristics, the operating time is very good, many businesses recognized. The ribbon is not too rigid, which helps maintain the ribbon tension. Eliminate breaks or interruptions. Lean design, quick replacement, manual implementation so that any occurrence does not affect too much production process. Effectively integrated into the use of inkjet printers
Ribbon lengths up to 1200m give more print results, more efficiency in replacing ribbons
The two-direction ribbon allows the ribbon to be used intermittently continuously after each print, allowing more printing on the ribbon.
Print distance = 0.5mm to ensure the highest performance for the product.

dây điện - máy in phun date code Videojet 1

Power cord – inkjet date code Videojet 1

The DataFlex 6420 (DataFlex Plus) thermal transfer printer is best suited for printing label information on fruit and vegetable packaging, candy and confectionery packaging to snacks, Seafood frozen packaging.
The use of Videojet thermal transfer printers contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the printer as well as limiting the status of information on color-coded, color-blown packaging due to weather factors. and the surroundings to being disguised.

dây điện - máy in phun date code Videojet 4
dây điện – máy in phun date code Videojet 4

wire – inkjet date code Videojet 3

In addition, due to its new generation of products, the DataFlex 6420 (DataFlex Plus) thermal transfer printer has other interesting features such as:
Continuous printing speeds up to 200 products per minute (maximum 400 products per minute if not continuous).
The operating interface is an 8.4-inch SVGA colour LCD, the CLARiTYTM interface.
Remote operation.
One point of interest is the DataFlex 6420 (DataFlex Plus) thermal transfer printer line this time proposed by the Technical Department of the company Huynh Long. The Master / Slave feature is generally enabled and allows a single interface to control up to four different printers. It gives the user complete control over the operation and monitoring of work progress.

Maintenance is also very easy, it can completely replace the ribbon or parts of the problem quickly. In case of failure to handle immediately, technicians in charge of maintenance are always 24/7 and ready to be present at all times to timely troubleshoot, help speed up production for the quarter. customer.

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