Plastic industry

In the field of supply of plastic wire, copper wire, wire, this will be very important parameters clearly written on the device. This is the basis for buyers and sellers can exchange information, meet customer needs more convenient. And to clarify those details then

The Videojet inkjet printers offer tremendous value, including the ability to print on durable, time-sensitive prints that can not be damaged in natural conditions. The production rate is extremely high, fiber optic cable and insulation. PVC and PP plastic. Automatic inkjet application on the production line, apply directly after the finished product and ensure quality control.

The industry of plastic equipment industry will cost a small amount of money, so the investment in equipment is safe, full and highly competitive, the total cost of depreciation and maintenance must be weighed. careful counting.

Máy in date code công nghiệp Videpjet_ đường ống
Máy in date code công nghiệp Videpjet_ đường ống

Parallel with that is the quality of the bar code, in addition to the criteria to ensure the reliability, durability of inkjet date code. Produced in a hot, humid and dusty environment, it definitely affects the quality of the product.

Code must be durable, do not accept blurry environment, because with Videojet. Once printed it is sticky. Sturdy, reliable quality as laser engraving or heat transfer printing. At the same time completely freeze, or fade during the use of cables.

  • Dedicated industrial inkjet solution
  • The inkjet code is certainly durable
  • High quality output
  • Reduce waste of raw materials, ink to solvent compared to the same type of industrial inkjet.

Operating to meet the high-speed production requirements of the production line.
In addition, the line that the company Huynh Long also recommended that businesses should be in the production line that is the thermal transfer printer TTO. Deliver high-resolution images on a variety of packaging, minimize breakdown time and cost of ribbon damage and change production lines.

Thiết bị in phun Videojet
Thiết bị in phun Videojet

The Videojet DataFlex 6420 printer is available in 53mm and 107mm ribbons, offering a complete set of print heads and ribbons that meet the needs of the most cost-effective customers.

Simple ribbon ribbon design makes fast replacements, which do not affect the production schedule.

  1. Timing

  • Simple ribbon ribbon design makes fast replacements, which do not affect the production schedule.

2. Ensure print quality

  • Progressive encryption software eliminates installation errors
  • Simple operation commands to reduce system errors
  • Limited permissions and simple rule-selection rules help to reduce common operating errors

3. Effective integration

  • Featuring high technical features, Videojet allows you to customize everything. Much more effective than older printers.
  • More economical, full and more features.

Máy in date code công nghiệp Videpjet_dây cáp và đường ốngMáy in date code công nghiệp Videjet_dây cáp và đường ống

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