Printer date, Videojet inkjet date code meets all requirements for high quality printing of construction materials.

The current building materials are not limited to iron and steel, industrial equipment, wires, materials and technology. Sometimes it is pressed wood, plywood. Manufacturers of building materials require an ideal equipment solution. To increase production efficiency, reduce costs and invest profits for future long-term use.

And the perfect solution for the building materials industry is the inkjet date code Videojet. Products with the latest and exclusive technology provided by Huynh Long and support.

Printer date, Inkjet datejet Videojet is designed to operate in any environment. As the factory hot air, dry dust …

To print more difficult materials such as plywood, smooth wood, wood for home. Videojet printers are specially designed. Suitable for ensuring product information is guaranteed quality, sharp, durable. And meet the strict standards for the comparison of models, parameters, materials. Especially product traceability.

Printed content is dedicated to the Videojet series. Including production date, expiry date. Print lot number – number of shifts of goods. Print Qr code, bar code … as well as print optional characters.

Printer date, inkjet date code Vodeojet, Perfectly meet all requirements of the business. It is the leading choice of manufacturing industries in the field of industrial printing.

Videojet products with outstanding features:

  • Versatile product lines for all applications in all industries.
    Printing on all kinds of materials: plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, …
  • Printing on all surfaces: curved, concave, flat, …
  • IWorks at all speeds and under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Superior printing capabilities with technologies: inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, thermal ink, ..
  • Ability to work well, minimize printing errors and stop production abruptly.
  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple
    CleanFlow ™ technology and print head positively protect the print head.
  • The Smart Cartridge ™ is not wasteful, it is not a waste, it is not a mistake.
  • Dynamic Calibration automatically adjusts parameters to maintain print quality in a changing environment.

Printer date, inkjet date code Videojet is always the first choice of customers when searching for printing solutions.

All printing needs, printing logo, bar code printing, product specifications, etc. are met with Videojet printer.

Máy in phun Videojet

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