Videojet industrial inkjet printers are the most versatile date printing solution for veterinary medicine.

Videojet inkjet printers use CIJ continuous inkjet technology. The machine can print from 1 to 5 lines of text.

Máy in phun Videojet
Máy in phun Videojet
This is the most versatile of all print technologies. In addition, Videojet has developed a portfolio of more than 175 inks for the CIJ series. Helps print on most surfaces.

In addition, Videojet also develops color inks that produce bright codes. Easy to read on dark packaging. And with the quick drying feature of the ink, the prints are not smudged in the process.

Over the past years, the livestock sector in Vietnam has developed positively. This success has to do with the great contribution of the veterinary medicine industry. The livestock sector is very concerned about the labeling, origin and quality of veterinary medicine. Information such as production date, expiry date, code .... Must meet the strict requirements of safety. Ensuring the health and development of pets.
Therefore, the veterinary drug business requires the development of professional brand image. Product quality, safety. Production date, shelf life, sharp. Achieving the required time, cost savings. At the same time increase production efficiency.

The perfect solution for the veterinary drug industry is the Videojet industrial inkjet printer.

With over 40 years of experience in research and development. Videojet's products are always ahead of the trends and regulations of the industry.
Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company specializes in providing solutions for inkjet videojet industry. Huynh Long is regarded as the most reliable, quality and most reliable supplier of industrial equipment.

Huynh Long with 20 years of formation and development. At the same time, we have had more than 10 years of cooperation with Videojet. We are confident to bring our customers the most modern and ideal printing solutions.


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