date inkjet printer play an important role in the spice industry. Because, this industry requires accurate production information, honesty. As the date of manufacture, expiry date, lot number, bar code …

date inkjet printer Videojet  uses CIJ continuous inkjet technology. Printing technology does not touch the surface of the product. The device ejects ink droplets on the packaging. This is the most advanced printing technology available today. Machine widely used in the industry. As food, pharmaceutical & medical equipment, plastic & rubber, electric cable, electric appliance – e …

Spices – aromas are foods that are commonly used in life. Using spices – scientifically-flavored will help to add attractive dishes. Besides, the spice option – safe spice is the solution to protect the health.

So what criteria do consumers rely on to determine that the spice – this fragrance is safe? The answer is the ingredient, the ingredient of the product. Reputable brand. Production information is printed on the packaging. Based on this information consumers can trace the source of the product.

Creates crisp, durable production information. Datejet inkjet Videojet contributes to the fight against counterfeit goods. Protecting the health of consumers. Ensure the prestige of the business.

date inkjet printer Videojet artridges offer optimum performance. Helps bring high performance to the business. Capture the requirements, strict standards of product safety. As well as the label on the package, the product. Videojet has developed high quality date inkjet printers. Meet all printing needs of customers.

Videojet products with outstanding features:

  • Versatile product lines for all applications in all industries.
  • Printing on all kinds of materials: plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, …
  • Printing on all surfaces: curved, concave, flat, …
  • Works at all speeds and under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Superior printing capabilities with technologies: inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, thermal ink, …
  • Ability to work well, minimize printing errors and stop production abruptly.
  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple.
  • CleanFlow ™ technology and print head positively protect the print head.
  • The Smart Cartridge ™ is not wasteful, it is not a waste, it is not a mistake.
  • Dynamic Calibration automatically adjusts parameters to maintain print quality in a changing environment.máy in phun date Videojet

máy in phun date Videojet

Máy in phun date _ gia vị - hương liệu
Máy in phun date _ gia vị – hương liệu

Máy in phun date _ gia vị – hương liệu


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