Flexible inkjet printers use Videojet as the ideal solution for the tobacco industry.

This industry has many strict standards. As well as being tightly controlled. Packaging has a lot of strict requirements.

When it comes to cigarettes, it is not possible to ignore the important “harmful smoking”. Because of this nature of tobacco business must ensure many factors of quality. Not only in the processing of input materials. Ingredients of additives … The encoding system on the packaging must be durable and sharp to carry out the process of traceability of goods.

Videojet dictation printers perfectly meet all of these requirements of the tobacco business. Information such as date of manufacture, expiry date … Shipment information, printing details, lines, patterns of the product. Barcode to codes such as QR code. And other important information. All are made up of superior quality prints with aesthetics.

The output of the Videojet printer is crisp, durable and ensures the storage, transport and difficult to counterfeit. Significant contribution to fight against counterfeiting now.

Máy in date code công nghiệp Videojet
Máy in date code công nghiệp Videojet ngành thuốc lá

Typical customers are Tobaco, Jet, Marlboro.

Videojet printers meet the needs of the tobacco industry. Understand the standards set for the tobacco production chain. As well as the safety quality of the product line directly to the human body.

Videojet is designed to outperform any competitor. Be effective and reliable. Save time, maximum production cost. By reducing the amount of material. As inks, solvents are used in factories. Get rid of downtime …

Máy in date code công nghiệp Videpjet - thuốc lá
Máy in date code công nghiệp Videpjet – thuốc lá

The inkjet printer uses Videojet to offer optimum features. Helps bring high productivity to the business.

Some outstanding features of the Videojet printer:

  • Printing on all kinds of materials: plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, …
  • Printing on all surfaces: curved, concave, flat, …
  • Works at all speeds and under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Superior printing capabilities with Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ) technology.
  • Ability to work well, minimize printing errors and stop production abruptly.
  • Intuitive interface makes operation simple.
  • CleanFlow ™ technology and positive-pressure print head.
  • The Smart Cartridge ™ is not intrusive. No waste. Not mistaken.
  • Dynamic Calibration feature automatically adjusts the parameters. Helps maintain print quality in a changing environment.

Inkjet printers use Videojet as the world’s leading brand.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company specializes in providing solutions Videojet inkjet printer. We are proud of being one of the most reputable and dedicated providers of inkjet printers.

Quality has been evaluated and evaluated over the past 20 years and is completely successful.

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