As a seafood manufacturer, fresh frozen food. Producers know that frozen seafood products before they are marketed, or prior to censoring and exporting to countries, require strict standards.

Food safety as well as the quality of the elements in the production and processing process to ensure that the product does not have any technical defects affecting the quality. Hazardous elements such as nonmetals, metals, solid objects, or products, but which are mixed in the process of production, are not harmful.

Sesotec metal detectors are commonly used for common products for screening, pre-packaging and post-packaging impurities, frozen seafood inspection, and other seafood-related products.

Products such as fresh seafood, blood red (note, in the human body and animals, are iron in the blood, it is necessary to consider fine-tuning of the scan waveband) as well as adjust the frequency numbers need special support. For more information on X-Ray Sesotec Equipment.

In addition to processed seafood products and prepared to the packaging stage.

máy in phun date videojet lên bao dán nhãn hải sản
máy in phun date videojet lên bao dán nhãn hải sản

Quickly use the Sesotec X-Ray equipment to ensure that the product is free from metal to nonmetals that can pass through the system.


Phát Hiện Tạp Chất Kim Loại Trong Thủy Hải Sản
Phát Hiện Tạp Chất Kim Loại Trong Thủy Hải Sản

The machine has a self-detecting system, manually adjusting the manual power detection. Remote control, advanced and advanced microprocessor technology, integrated touch screen LEDs with extremely sensitive equipment, detects dangerous impurities for consumers. Capital has a great influence on the manufacturers, businesses invest.

In bao bì lên sản phẩm cá
In bao bì lên sản phẩm

Here are those advantages which we mentioned:

  • Easy to clean equipment, regular cleaning thanks to waterproof IPO technology 65

    Structured from aluminium, durable, non-oxidized metal.


    Easily transported assembled


    Can connect to wifi for remote operation, from another location.


    Easy operation, understandable English language.

In parallel with this, we also offer Automatic Scaler, Horizontal Packing Machine or Automatic Stacking Machine. Ensuring both an output chain for your company and Huynh Long we are proud to be the equipment supplier for many enterprises, factories, industrial all over the country.

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