In the increasingly modernized industry and towards the 4.0 revolution, special sectors such as rice now need solutions that are worth paying attention to in order to provide more specific solutions to competition. Domestic and international export markets.

A professional image of the product in the eyes of the consumer will have very specific requirements on the image, layout of packaging products as well as product quality. Just having a small factor in many big decisions goes wrong will not make others feel really satisfied.

Huynh Long is pleased to introduce many solutions of this line of rice products, including:

  1. Inkjet printer date code Videojet
Máy in phun date VJ1550
Máy in phun date VJ1550

To be sure, to prove to consumers and regulators that there are prerequisites to assure user rights. A product cannot be printed on details such as lot number, a number of shifts, print date, production date, time limit, product information bar code, etc., will result in the value of a finished product. That is not worth much.

When using the Videojet inkjet printer, customers – the main players involved in production will always have common worries about issues such as overtime, ink fading or Use of equipment in a humid environment will damage the unit.

The manufacturer of the Datejust Videojet has designed the product to ensure that it meets every criterion of the user in the long-term use of the device. The response, as well as resolution of the output quality of the inkjet printing, is complete, sharp and accurate. optimistic, sharp and accurate.

  1. Máy Dò Kim Loại Sesotec
Máy Dò Kim Loại
Máy Dò Kim Loại

Using the metal detector as well as the drop detector of Sesotec – a technology product of the world’s number one industry is Germany. The product has a very special element, using the technology of tape transmission integrated to filter out the impurities, debris in the process of purchasing, manufacturing, conveyor operations to the details of the eye. difficult to detect.

Applying spectrum up to more than 200um sound waves makes it easy to detect all material, chemical impurities randomly. Remove immediately and ensure almost all 100% non-metallic, metal-in-metal components are present in the product when dropped through a detector, or metal detector.

More information about fallen detectors

  1. Production line

In the process of building production process, many investors, investors and owners have difficulty in meeting the process of building production lines. And sometimes because of the huge investment costs that lead to the acceptance of the purchase of goods, the product is not reasonable. Losing waste wastes huge investment in unnecessary equipment.

dây chuyền dán nhãn
dây chuyền dán nhãn

Santung Company – coordinated by Huynh Long nationwide, would like to introduce the production line solution, including the equipment such as Automatic Scales, Bottle Labeling Machine, Packing Machine, Bag Making Machine Automatic.

  • Production Line Labeling
  • Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine
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