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The successful manufacture of a car requires a lot of different stages such as electronics, microchips, and mechanical work combined. And in order to write down some details on the product, especially on the airplane product, special inkjet devices are required.

The car market now has a lot of improvement over the previous generation. The new engines were gradually replaced by V6, V8, fuel from E92 to E5, the engine control system from the needle through the automatic shift. In addition, higher taxes are levied to pay for some high value public service activities.

thông tin in số trên thiết bị bù lon đinh
thông tin in số trên thiết bị bù lon đinh

And often to perfect such technology, thousands of pieces of machinery, parts are assembled and assembled. Directly edit and operate in a factory with millions of different devices, motors, control systems. And to ensure the assembly, maintenance and replacement of the components when the problem in the operation.

To ensure that, the management of them by the code printed symbols.

máy in date code Videojet - ô tô và hàng không
máy in date code Videojet – ô tô và hàng không

Parameters, specifications, deadlines, machine code must be Laser Engraving Machine or Thermal Transfer Equipment TTO. In order to ensure that there are no errors in the use process, no fading. Inkjet printer code line, inkjet code date code is not clear, accurate.

The status of Ink Date Ink Cartridge in the machine must ensure certain criteria for durability, durability and colour, together with the production process monitor to manage the inventory. Minimize counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, low-quality goods by not using an inkjet device code date of Videojet.

In order to meet the strictest and most difficult standards of customers, production labels.

Products are subject to weather variability, changing environmental temperature, water vapor, dust, friction, oxidation. But it is important to ensure that the quality of inkjet prints from date inkjet printers is good and stable.

Parallel to the riddle is the state of the product, how long will it last after using a Videojet inkjet cartridge.

Understand the difficulty of the manufacturer and the installation equipment. Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Company – the main dealer for American video manufacturer Videojet on the distribution of equipment standards in the United States to Vietnam.

in phun date code lên vanh thép
in phun date code lên vanh thép

The inkjet printer of Videojet guarantees perfect output quality and durability over time. Longevity of the device, up to 20 years.

Inkjet Printer Date Code meets Ip65 ++ standards, water-resistant, stainless steel, ensuring operator safety and equipment repairs. Also, upgrade to the Videojet 1530.

Consumers should also be prepared for other outstanding accessories such as Videojet Printers, Laser Engravers. A complete and comprehensive solution for you to build and operate the plant system.

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