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Farmers in the care of poultry in the economic development of the family pay close attention to information inkjet, labelling companies, the quality of food that is currently used by families.

The business needs information that must print the date of the package code is full of prerequisites for the certification of the state agencies, as well as peripheral factors affecting Packaging status.

Huynh Long is pleased to introduce a set of solutions, including specialized equipment and the reasons should call us for free consultation advice.

máy in phun Videojet EXCEL-SERIES-2000-600x450
máy in phun Videojet EXCEL-SERIES-2000-600×450

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Videojet equipment is and will always be the best choice for products that meet the needs of the business. We have over 20 years working for the care of all customers across the country and stretches from South to North. The problems of customers sometimes revolve around improving, reducing the efficiency of outsourcing workers to lower the financial burden.

Máy in phun date_thức ăn thú nuôi2

Máy in phun date_thức ăn thú nuôi 2

Huynh Long enterprise we fully understand the difficulties of the business and is willing to help by any means. Consultancy to come up with a solution, build the automation system in the production of feed for livestock.

Also in the process of producing food for animals, poultry animals. Devices such as the Sesotec Metal Detector, Metal Detector, Metal Detector X-ray machines always meet the most stringent criteria for this solid-state product.

Máy in phun date
Máy in phun date

The current models are receiving attention and attention most. Include:

Ensure almost complete removal of solids, residues, contaminants in the material or finished product by means of a drop detector. The feed classification system will automatically remove the contaminants in the production process on the production line. All food from industrial, semi-industrial to animal feeds, pets, thanks to the modern Sesotec system of the German.

Packaged foods in pillow pouches that are processed by Sesotec’s xray detector technology can ensure that everything is scanned, ensuring almost 100% no residue in the process. Before finishing the product and export to warehouse
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