The information on the drug must in addition to ensuring accuracy and sharpness, the first is to use the right inkjet device date code, to use the metal detection device fall.

In the field of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment. The information indexes on the labeled product to the quality of the product are all very important. People who use these drugs are sick and need proper treatment.s

máy in date code Videojet

The drug with very strong drug content, if used overdose will have a great impact on human health. And the drug maker will be liable to law enforcement.

And to ensure that, a safety commitment of the medical device label to the user, the drug manufacturer should equip the following locomotives:

1. X-Ray Metal Detector

máy dò kim loại raycon xray
máy dò kim loại raycon xray

Using a metal detector enhances the ability to detect impurities in the product, detecting non-metallic or unwanted metals in the product. Pharmaceutical drugs should be 100% clean, free of any unnecessary excess.

When using an X-ray metal detector, X-rays help to see through the drug object, find the impurities found inside the product and remove it before the product is marketed. .

  1. Inkjet Printer Videojet

Use datejet inkjet printers to help businesses print specifications, information on the packaging, packaging without blurring, lack of information about the drug by the environment, of the time. space and peripheral elements.

Máy in phun Videojet
Máy in phun Videojet

Using a videojet jet printer contributes to the speed of the conveyor belt in the product. Speed up the pace and speed up the production of pharmaceuticals for manufacturers. Ensure accurate information output, no fading colour.

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