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16 Jul


SESOTEC INDUSTRIAL METAL MACHINE  is the perfect product inspection solution for the fisheries sector. Designed for superior performance, easy operation with optimum sensitivity. Is a prestigious brand, famous the world. Produced by SESOTEC (Germany). With dual channel technology, advanced, most modern today. Industrial metal detector SESOTEC detects, separates all metal and non-metal impurities. Industrial metal […]

04 Jul

Case Coding and Labeling VIDEOJET 9550

Case Coding and Labeling Videojet 9550 A smart, perfect printing solution. The device prints directly onto the product. Fully automated control system. The machine works correctly. Is the most efficient and secure label printer. Minimize downtime during operation. Minimize production costs. Máy in và dán nhãn Videojet 9550 A smart, perfect printing solution. The device prints […]

28 Jun

Industrial Metal Detector for Free Fall ProductIndustrial Metal Detector for Free Fall Product

Industrial metal detector Sesotec  An ideal impurity removal solution for businesses. Ensure the purity of the product. Protect production machinery from damage caused by impurities. Sesotec appliances are available for IFS, CSA / UL, ATEX, etc.  With modern technology, SESOTEC has developed a system for detecting and classifying products. Industrial metal detectors for free fall […]

26 Jun

Videojet Thermal Transfer OverPrinters – Brand 1 In The USA

The Thermal Transfer Printer (TTO) Videojet produces crisp, high-resolution prints. Bring the absolute advantage when printing on flat packages. Is the perfect printing solution for businesses. Thermal Transfer Printer (TTO)  Designed with advanced software. The integrated software makes the printer work fast, simple and stable. The device provides high resolution prints. Flexible, flexible application. Simultaneously […]


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