May in phun date code Videojet


Inkjet printer date code Videojet 1530, outstanding quality, durable operation, continuous.

Number of printed lines: 1 – 5 lines Maximum printing speed: 278.6 m / min + Operate 5 years before maintenance Inkjet printer date code Videojet 1530 uses Continuous Inkjet Printing CIJ technology. Printing technology does not come in contact with the product. Ink jet prints on the surface of the product packaging. Make prints in readable format such as characters, numbers …

May in phun date code Videojet 1530

The Videojet 1530 is versatile in many industries. Specially designed, compatible with each production line. + Print date of production, expiry date, batch number, number of cases, bar code, Qr code, logo, specifications. + Various materials: plastic, metal, paper, glass, …. + Flexible print head, print on any position and surface. As flat, curved, concave, concave … And print from all directions, including from the bottom up. See more:

Máy in phun hạn sử dụng Videojet 1530

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May in phun date code Videojet ung dung

Inkjet date code Videojet 1530 save ink, maximum material. Reduces 40% of raw material consumption. And still ensure the quality, performance of the machine.

The Videojet 1530 inkjet printer reduces maintenance, replacement, and repair costs. Specially designed for simple, fast operation. Easily remove, install and clean the machine, printhead. Datejet Videojet 1530 inkjet printer uses high quality ink and materials. Perfectly meet the requirements of the business of stickiness, aesthetic effect of ink. Videojet’s genuine ink and raw materials are continuously improved. Ensure outstanding performance. Advanced Videojet raw material, modern, green-clean, user-friendly and environmentally-friendly.

May in phun date code Videojet 1530 ung dung

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company specializes in supplying inkjet date code Videojet. We are confident to be the leading industrial equipment supplier in the Vietnamese market. Please contact Huynh Long for a free consultation. We are committed to providing you with the most ideal solution.

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