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The LABELSTIK-400 Automatic Speed Labeling Machine is manufactured by Brothers Pharmamach. India’s most prestigious brand, quality and technology.

The revolutionary LABELSTIK-400 automatic round sticker with the most advanced, modern technology. The machine integrates a sophisticated microprocessor control system with a friendly sensor system. LABELSTIK-400 is suitable for labeling on round bottles, tubes, vials and other round objects. The machine has a labeling speed of up to 400 labels per minute, depending on the product and label size. The LABELSTIK-400 Round Labeler has a specially designed electronic and mechanical system. To stick to high-speed transparency labels, with the optional special label sensor system.

The LABELSTIK-400 Automatic Speed ​​Labeling Sticker synchronizes the speed control system. Automatic Inbuilt eliminates manual entry / retrieval and manual data storage. Consequently, the LABELSTIK-400 saves precious time. Avoid downtime and help to achieve higher yields.

The LABELSTIK-400 super speed automatic labeling machine has many advantages. As a special refill, pick up round bottles, vials, tubes … in a vertical position from the trays. Operators can load bottles, pipes and vials for online labeling without stopping them. The LABELSTIK-400 is fully automatic. Eliminate errors, minimize production time compared to manual or semi-automatic labeling. The LABELSTIK-400 LABELING MACHINE has an optional tempered glass or acrylic safety cabinet. The machine integrates all the basic features, in line with the current market demand. It is the perfect solution for businesses to save costs, time and increase production efficiency.

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Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Brother label machine in Vietnam. With outstanding features to meet all customer requirements. We are committed to ensuring the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing operations. If you have a requirement for labeling machines, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring you the most ideal equipment solutions.

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