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Date Inkjet printer 1220 is one of the products of Videojet (USA)

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Inkjet printer 1220, although not continuous operation but good operation equivalent to 18 months. Operate continuously for less than 10,000 hours until next maintenance.It is one of the most advanced products that Huynh Long will bring to customers. Date inkjet printer will ensure the best quality product. Be accurate and do not mistake any information. Videojet 1220, an industrial inkjet product.Specially designed to meet the most demanding enterprise production and coding needs on most types of surfaces.


Date Inkjet printer the product information that the business wants, such as HSD information, which the business needs to have prior to exporting the goods to the consumer. This information must ensure that, regardless of the natural environment conditions. Or under any external impact can not disappear, fade. Constant information such as Expiration Date as well as Production Date are required.

Videojet 1220 works best and delivers maximum power when printing up to a single line: 162m / min.

It’s the ideal solution for all your printing applications at slower and slower speeds. Print from line 1 – line 5 and reach speeds up to 533 feet / minute for various printing needs.The information will appear as black ink, printed on the packaging, bottle cap, box lid, box into the specified unit of production. Using Videojet’s advanced INK CORE technology.Integrated filter system in a single block, depending on the time between maintenance operations. Ensure each maintenance is more than 10,000 hours apart.The complete remote control system, not including Smart Cartridge TM.


Helps determine where the toner cartridge is damaged or defective during use.Not to mention, when the machine stops working, the locking valve automatically locks the ink tank / solvent.Avoid wasting waste after long periods of inactivity. Applications are printed on food products. Clear evidence in the clip is attached below.

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