The Videojet Laser Printer makes permanent prints. Use non-contact surface printing technology products. The device has many advantages over other print technologies. As the print quality is higher. Long lasting, durable print. Do not use consumable printing materials.

Videojet has developed a variety of high-speed laser printers. Flexible and flexible application. Perfect response to the requirements of the industry. These printers ensure high quality printing. Stable operation with superior operating time. The device is easy to integrate on most applications.

The Videojet high-speed laser printer meets all printing needs. The print has a high aesthetic, sharp, easy to read. Live permanently with time. Not destroyed by force, temperature, chemical or sunlight (UV). Only disappears when the printable surface is destroyed. Printouts of the High-Speed ​​Laser Printer Videojet are difficult to forge.


Some High-Speed ​​Laser Printers Videojet:

  • Máy khắc laser CO2 Designed for simple setup and operation. Flexible machine, adapted to changing production needs. Persistence of permanent prints. No consumable fuel (ink, solvent). The equipment does not release toxic substances such as Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, … Contribute to protect the environment and the health of consumers
  • Fiber laser markers are designed for manufacturers of beverages, pharmaceuticals, extruded tubes with high production rates. Carving information such as date of manufacture, expiry date, batch number … The information is printed on hard materials. Including plastic and metal. Fiber laser markers help reduce production stoppages. Increased reliability, efficient operation, maximum production efficiency.

Videojet also develops laser engraving machines using UV technology. Machine is used in pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries. To prevent counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods. Brand protection and traceability. Videojet is the only manufacturer to offer global UV laser technology. The device produces permanent, high quality prints that are easy to read on any product. Videojet high-speed laser by Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company. With outstanding features to meet the printing needs of customers. We are committed to ensuring quality from print, performance and quality of printers.

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