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Industrial Metal Detector for Free-Falling Products

Industrial metal detector Sesotec  An ideal impurity removal solution for businesses. Ensure the purity of the product. Protect production machinery from damage caused by impurities. Sesotec appliances are available for IFS, CSA / UL, ATEX, etc. 

With modern technology, SESOTEC has developed a system for detecting and classifying products. Industrial metal detectors for free fall products are one of the typical products of this manufacturer. Equipment used for bulk material fall freely. The machine can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals. For example, iron, stainless steel, aluminum … even deep metal in the product.

Máy Dò Kim Loại Cho Ứng Dụng Rơi Tự Do

Industrial Metal Detector for Free Fall Product

Some of the remarkable features Industrial Metal Detector for free fall products:

  • Highest sensitivity for all metals (dual channel technology).
  • Digital signal processing and frequency stabilization by quartz.Advanced microprocessor technology with self-monitoring function.
  • Self-balancing and temperature compensation.
  • The separator and the metal contact are made of stainless steel.Installation is quick and easy.High vibration resistance.
  • Promotes the highest sensitivity to all metals.
Ứng dụng Máy Dò Kim Loại Cho Sản Phẩm Rơi Tự Do
Ứng dụng Máy Dò Kim Loại Cho Sản Phẩm Rơi Tự Do

Industrial metal detectors for free fall products are used for the inspection of raw materials before entering the processing machine. Ensure product homogeneity and machine protection. Check the quality of products before filling or packaging. A solution to reduce the cost of replacing, repairing machinery and components due to damage. Prevent the operation of machinery and equipment.

Industrial metal detectors for free fall applications in many industries. A solution to help businesses optimize the classification of metal impurities. In addition, Sesotec devices also detect defective products. From that, we guarantee the quality of our products. Contribute to enhance the brand image. Increase the competitiveness of the product. Enhance the position of the business in the market.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of Sesotec in Vietnam. If you have a need for metal detector please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to customers the perfect equipment solution.

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