Huynh Long company with technical staff trained and updated the most advanced techniques now support direct maintenance equipment.

Installation and operating instructions
The technical department researches the installation location of the most optimal and convenient equipment, integrates seamlessly and in line with other production lines of customers.
During the installation of equipment, the technical department will guide the process of operation, cleaning and maintenance for customers.
Periodic Maintenance – We always maintain regular maintenance activities to ensure the machines are operating at their best.
Quick, timely – We support timely handling and technical problems arising within 4 – 24 hours.
Flexibility – Remotely troubleshoot or lend to a replacement in an emergency, requiring more time to repair or wait for replacement parts, which will help keep the customer’s productive. discontinuity
Genuine Parts – We are committed to providing and replacing genuine parts for customers to help machines always operate optimally.
24/7 Service – The Technical Hotline is set up online 24/7, helping clients troubleshoot problems at all times, avoiding production delays.
Technical Staff:

Professional training periodically, together they share the knowledge, difficulties, problems encountered in the process of supporting the customer. It provides a specific solution for each case. Therefore, the technical department has a lot of information and knowledge to improve professional skills as well as customer support quickly.
Follow the process:

Case 1 – Simple problem, customers can fix themselves:
Receive calls from customers ⇒ Record information, customer problems encountered ⇒ Diagnosis errors ⇒ Direct instructions to customers ⇒ Problem fixed.

Case 2 – Technical staff to direct support
Receive customer call ⇒ Record information, customer problems encountered ⇒ Diagnosis error ⇒ Export tooling stock, spare parts needed ⇒ Available at the customer’s factory and support the handling (in time from 4 to 24h) ⇒ The problem is fixed.