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Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet

Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet

What is the term used? Print date is blurred? Customers return goods because the packaging is not sharp print. Do not worry about having a Videojet thermal printer. One of the most effective printing solutions of 2018 is just for your business.

Máy in truyền nhiệt
Máy in truyền nhiệt

Wide product range and variety. Along with the appearance of foreign brands. The products of Thailand and especially South American countries. Therefore, packaging design must not be so eye-catching, standard. Printed information requires accurate information about the date of manufacture, expiry date on the package.

So why not try a heat printer today? The increasing competition in the market has forced the production units to change themselves to adapt. Create new challenges and requirements.

Leader in the chemical industry. Videojet has developed, researched and successfully built the series. To meet the demand for heat transfer information on packaging of finished products.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet
Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet
Today, Huynh Long Company is pleased to introduce to you a product printing heat transfer. Application in production. Complies with the packing and inspection procedures.

The Videojet 6530 and 6330 are part of the Videojet Dataflex printer. Designed to deliver business performance. With the latest technology that improves uptime. It also reduces the time required for quality control. Reduce waste and reprint. Help businesses increase productivity, quality and productivity.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet Integrated code quality assurance (Code Quality Assurance). Integration in iAssure Technology can perform print checks. Detecting wall-to-wall encounter problems. Combined with CLARiTY software interface. Make sure that your printer is operating properly. Therefore, the business receives more benefits from the investment.

Superior operating time due to the use of Intelligent Motion technology. Helps eliminate the need for pneumatic and related costs. Simultaneously minimize the downtime. Ensure print quality and longevity of the heat transfer machine.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters Videojet also help to detect the most recent printing errors. Help your business plan for timely maintenance. Quickly detect if there are ribbon errors. Save time to check production. Avoid causing too much damage to orders. Simple to use, does not cost too much complexity.

In addition, if the customer needs to upgrade to the machine can work better in the wet environment (moisture area). Compact design, suitable for most production lines as well as optimal operating interface.

Only one technical instruction is needed to get all the information. Another thing to consider, is the replacement of print heads and spare parts are all provided by Huynh Long and consulted in production when needed replacement. The ribbon is easy to disassemble, and when it comes to upgrades, repairs, replacement rates are up to a quarter faster than other popular models.

TOP 1 is the world's leading retailer of product identification, product line, line coding, coding, marking, and application specific materials. The product cycle will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by our Technical side. 

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