Máy in truyền nhiệt


Thermal Transfer Overprinters TTO, Videojet thermal transfer printers offer many benefits over older technologies. As thermal imprints with seals or rollers.

TTO uses long ribbons, fast printing speeds, error-fighting features and simple operation interactions. Videojet Thermal Transfer Overprinters help eliminate most of the coding errors and stop production abruptly in production.

Máy in truyền nhiệt
Máy in truyền nhiệt

Videojet Thermal transfer overprinters TTO Designed with advanced software. The integrated software makes the printer work fast, simple and stable.

The device provides high resolution prints. Flexible, flexible application. Simultaneously minimize downtime during operation. Minimizes costs associated with ribbon. Videojet’s TTO series is ideal for flexible packaging applications. With continuous and intermittent motion. The product is optimized to meet the printing needs of customers at all speeds. The printer works with high performance. Helps improve productivity. Reduce costs for businesses. With advanced data processing technology, easy printing of information such as bar codes or other product parameters. Thermal Transfer Overprinters meet IP standards. Specially designed to operate in harsh environments. Ensures maximum reliability and efficiency in printing. Máy in truyền nhiệt TTO 

Some heat transfer printers that Videojet is offering:

Videojet DataFlex Plus

Videojet DataFlex Plus produces high resolution prints on a wide variety of packaging. Minimize downtime. Minimizes the cost of ribbon damage and changes the production line. DataFlex Plus prints 53mm and 107mm ribbons. Provides a complete set of print head and ribbon. Meet customers’ printing needs with the most economical cost.

The Videojet 6210

Thermal Transfer Overprinters 6210 is proven to deliver cost-effective solutions to users. The Videojet 6210 delivers maximum reliability and efficiency for demanding thermal transfer, high resolution images on flexible packaging and labels – at an affordable price.

The Videojet DataFlex 6320

Thermal Transfer Overprinters6320 is a thermal transfer solution for flexible packaging operations. Satisfying high quality printing requirements and diversity at a moderate pace. The machine has two different print widths of 32 mm and 53 mm. With the best combination of print head width and ribbon. The DataFlex 6320 offers the most cost-effective solution. Designed for applications such as straightening and labeling. DataFlex 6320 print speeds of up to 250 products per minute.
The Videojet DataFlex 6420 (DataFlex Plus)
Thermal transfer printer produces high-resolution images on a wide variety of packaging. Minimize downtime. Reduce costs due to ribbon damage and change the production line. The Videojet DataFlex 6420 printer is available in 53mm and 107mm ribbons. Provides a complete set of print head and ribbon. Meet the requirements of the business with the least cost.
DATAFLEX® 6530 & 6330
With iAssure ™ print quality assurance technology. Minimum wear and tear. All electronic equipment design automatically set. The machine is capable of replacing the ribbion quickly. This is a high speed TTO.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is a distributor of Videojet. We are confident to be the leading printer supplier in Vietnam.

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