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TTO Videojet thermal transfer printers are a new printing trend for the confectionery packaging. High-quality date-time prints on flat, thin, flexible surfaces.

TTO Videojet thermal transfer printers are specially designed. To maximize the uptime of the production line.At present, the global packaging industry has an annual growth rate of 4.6%. And it will reach $ 19 billion by 2021. The confectionery industry plays an important role in this development.The annual CAGR of confectionery is 3.4%. In particular, the candy market now converts the trend from conventional packaging to active packaging. Therefore, it brings many benefits to the manufacturer. As the benefits of distribution costs, lower logistics and reduced product prices. Increasing the competitiveness of products in the market.Transform the trend for additional capital investment requirements including new printing technologies. TTO heat transfer printers are the perfect solution to meet this demand.

may in truyen nhiet TTO 1

Thermal Transfer Printer TTO Videojet is one of the products dedicated to the confectionery production line. Received a lot of interest of customers in the domestic and foreign production.

Many brand managers recognize that encoding quality greatly influences the aesthetics of packaging design. In particular, the confectionery industry needs eye-catching, attractive and reliable packaging. Print date of manufacture, shelf life … require high quality and durability. As this is also the information that consumers pay attention, first concern.TTO Videojet thermal transfer printers with special features easily address these challenges.


may in truyen nhiet TTO ung dung sp banh keo

With advanced data processing technology. TTO printers easily print the production information. TTO meets IP standards. Specially designed to operate in harsh environments. Ensure reliable operation, high productivity. And bring maximum effect to the confectionery industry.

may in truyen nhiet TTO ung dung banh keo
may in truyen nhiet TTO banh keo

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Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of Videojet in Vietnam. If you have demand for TTO heat transfer printer, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to customers the ideal solution.


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