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Food Metal Detectors – Latest Technology From Europe

SESOTEC metal detector is an important equipment in the food industry. Is the perfect solution to ensure quality and increase the value of the product.

As the food industry is increasingly focused. Therefore, the export and import of food to foreign countries is also promoted. Prior to that situation, many manufacturers have applied metal detectors in food to the manufacturing process. To ensure the export of goods is more appreciated. Metal detector in food SESOTEC uses magnetic fields to detect metal. Under the influence of magnetic fields. Metals are divided into two types: magnetic and non-magnetic. Metamorphic metal is detected at high frequencies, the metal is not contaminated from good detectors at low frequencies.

SESOTEC industrial metal detector is a famous brand of Germany.

Designed specifically to save business time. Saves costs while increasing productivity. SESOTEC metal detector ensures quality and enhances the competitiveness of the product. Contribute to enhance the brand image and position of the business on the market. Currently, on the market, the safety standards set for the product increasingly. Enterprises must meet these requirements and regulations. To ensure the health and safety for consumers. This also makes the competition between brands grow. Make the level, the difference of each enterprise. And the ideal solution for the company to raise the brand is the SESOTEC metal detector


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Máy dò kim loại trong thực phẩm VARICON + Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the authorized distributor of Sesotec in Vietnam. If you have demand for industrial metal detector, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to customers the ideal solution.

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