Pallet Stacker Fuji-Ace EC 201. It is a combination of research and development achievements in mechatronics, automatics, mechanics and physics.

An advanced Japanese product in the field of automation. Transition from manual loading and unloading to loading and unloading of goods. FUJI-ACE EC 201 LINEAR PRESSURE LIFTING MACHINE FUJI YUSOKI KOGYO is one of the few automatic robot production units in the world. FUJI YUSOKI KOGYO supplies robotics for the whole potato industry in the world. Specialized to be used and especially well in the process of transportation, sorting and classification of goods. In this article, Huynh Long Joint Stock Company would like to introduce the product line of Robot Pallet Fuji-Ace EC 201.

The automatic goods handling and stacking machine has undergone many years of research and development. From perfecting the design, detecting and eliminating technical flaws, to advancing the technology. It has been standardized in every aspect and component of the machine.

The robot pallet goods handling and stacking machine below is a high-tech product. It is an advanced, modern product that has been finely tuned and perfected. It is compatible with all types of business goods.

Accompanying this are three upgrade packages: High Speed (HS) – Heavy Weight (HW) – Super Heavy Weight (SHW). Corresponding to the capacity, weight, and volume requirements of the goods. This is truly a masterpiece. The goods handling and stacking machine is fully suitable for the packaging production process. With over 13,000 goods handling and stacking machines installed worldwide, FUJI YUSOKI KOGYO is truly the strongest and most reputable unit in the automation market. Experience, precision, and a commitment to improving the product every day are the factors that make FUJI-ACE EC 201 even more perfect.

The special features of the EC 201 LIFTING MACHINE:

  • The goods handling and stacking machine is equipped with a touchscreen for control. It gives commands for manual operation and teaches the operation process to the device.
  • Remote control displays parameters and shows error reports during the repair process.
  • Automatic synchronization and recounting of each operation. It displays the quantity of products stacked by the robot pallet through the screen.
  • Automatic goods handling and stacking machine / Scheduled adjustments make the device self-regulate automatically.

We understand that the final stages are becoming increasingly crucial in the supply chain, installation, and transportation of products.

Goods handling and stacking machines are becoming an essential product for manufacturing businesses. They are important devices in the end of the production line. Suitable for labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks.

Goods handling and stacking machines are the perfect and most optimal choice. If you need information or want to learn more, please call the Hotline: 0961 166 388.

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