Máy khắc laser 7320

Introducing Laser Marking System Videojet 7510

Use of high tech laser marking system is gradually becoming the trend for fuel economy in inkjet printing. While counterfeit ink, counterfeit liquids are widespread in the market without any proper control from the authorities.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company would like to offer customers a more comprehensive solution, more suitable for inkjet date code to the information recorded on the sticker, product packaging.

Using the Fiberjetjetjet 7310 inkjet printer It is one of the compact, lightweight and compact printing systems suitable for any space that the plant arranges. Designed for direct laser engraving, date code direct recognition on metal, plastics and other hard materials in the aviation, automotive, electronics and medical applications, …

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Focus on a single point and ensure the quality of the output completely satisfied customers. Whether it is metal surface or industrial plastics. This laser printer is the next-generation product of the Videojet line, so it’s no surprise that this Laser Fiber device is capable of delivering a variety of standard fonts, barcodes and detailing details. which the business requires. These features ensure that the scan head produces the desired results. It is possible to select high-output print head with large print areas, which is more efficient than the overloaded conveyor belt and accelerates workflow. .

The use of 7510 Laser Marking Systemensures faster productivity, the content of information is also more reliable. Optimized for dynamic motion printing at speeds up to 440m / min.

The remote control CLAiRTY laser controller allows to identify the cause of faults and problems in the process of incorrect operation. Completely simple to use, compact design. Inside the system there are two optional laser output options. Intuitive color touch screen interface, easy operation and easy to use interface. Compact laser engraving and low maintenance costs, suitable for direct printing applications (DPM) and UID applications on metal, plastics and other hard-to-print materials. Uses a variety of data connection methods, from data available on the machine or through the Ehernet interface and RS232 interface, to optimize the operation. High speed printing technology that delivers consistent, sharp print quality. The intuitive software allows you to easily create newsletters with different quality, content, symbols, graphics, and symbols.

APPLICATION & VIDEO Laser Printer Videojet 7310

CO2 Laser Marking System

Electrical and electronic components Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Beverage industry Cigarette Wires, cables and tubes Wires, cables and tubes.

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