may dong goi toc do cao AHM


AHM is special high speed packing machine. It operates via full servo technologies and PLC microcomputer control with stable operation.

Also, it is with mobile touchscreen interactive interface, which is easy to operate and with safely doors, which is easy to clean and maintain. The machine is suitable for packing foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, pesticide and daily using chemicals, etc. Different filling methods can be used for different products, such as liquid, powder, granule. Additionally, it can be equipped with photoelectric cell device, printers, tear notch. Packing type:three-side or four-side sealed sachets or stand-up pouches (doypack type).

Horizontal Packaging Machine AHM is suitable for packing food, pharmaceutical, chemical pesticide … Application for different product material. As liquid products, powders, granules … Machines have the option of combined technologies such as automatic extraction machine, dynamic balance … These combined technologies help packers have standard weight, accuracy. Ensuring quality and aesthetics of product packaging. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: 1. Computerized weigher 2 .Auger filler 3. Filler for liquid or pasty products 4. Volumetric cup filler

may dong goi toc do cao AHM

AHM high-speed horizontal packaging machine for flexible operation. Matching the requirements of many manufacturing industries.

1. Computerized weigher       2 .Auger filler 3. Filler for liquid or pasty products  4. Volumetric cup filler


ModelAHM-1 (Single bags)AHM-2 (Dual-link bags)
Filling Volume50~200ml20~100ml
Packing Speed40~60 bag/min80~120 bag/min
Packing SizeW 80~100 mm L 180~225 mmW (60+60)x L 70 mm W (90+90)x L 220 mm
Power Source220/380V 5KW220/380V 5KW
 Dimensions L x W x H (m/m)3200x1000x16003200x1000x1600
*Air compressor is not included

San Tung is a leading brand in Taiwan. With more features, San Tung packing machine meets the requirements of the business. Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official supplier of San Tung packing machines in Vietnam. We are committed to ensuring the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing operations.

may dong goi San Tung - ung dung
Customers interested about the product line San Tung, Please contact Huynh Long to be free still.

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