May Dan Nhan Chai Tron Brothers LABELSTIK-300


The Brothers LABELSTIK-300 Ultra-high Circle Labeler, the ideal solution for businesses.

The machine is complete with all the latest features and performance built-in. Optional Stepper-friendly or Servo Driven System Integration. The machine has a high speed label sensor, with remote access device and unique product sensor. Does not require any device access or installation. Proper equipment labeled on bottles, round vials and other round objects. The LABELSTIK-300 ultra-high-speed circular bottle labeler operates at a speed of 150 products per minute. Or up to 300 products per minute. Depending on product diameter and label size.

May Dan Nhan Chai Tron Brothers LABELSTIK-300
May Dan Nhan Chai Tron Brothers LABELSTIK-300z

The LABELSTIK-300 ultra-high-speed round-toothed bottle labeler with many advanced features. And other options, like color touch screens, tempered glass cabinets. Optional servo motor for high speed operation. Detects missing labels in rolls or on products …

The LABELSTIK-300 ultra-high-speed circular labeling bottle works at optimal speed for each product. Flexible application with many different diameter and label sizes. With advanced, modern Inbuilt automatic tag detection system. Machine eliminates the need to enter, store data manually. Therefore, the system saves time, helping to achieve higher output. Intelligent control system, height adjustment, container diameter is easy. Easily transport bottles, vial surfaces with slots, grooves. Or bottles, small size bottles have a larger lid diameter than the bottle body diameter.

The LABELSTIK-300 ultra-high speed circular bottle markers are suitable for glass, plastic, aluminum, PET bottles. Applications for the pharmaceutical industry, mineral water, food, pesticides. The Brother LABELSTIK-300 ultra-high-speed circular paste maker uses technology, and the most user-friendly, operating system. Meet all the demanding requirements of the manufacturing industry. The machine is developed and improved continuously. Update latest technology. Ensure production activities achieve optimum results.

May Dan Nhan Chai Tron LABELSTIK-300_Ung-dung
May Dan Nhan Chai Tron LABELSTIK-300_Ung-dung

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Brother label machine in Vietnam. With outstanding features to meet all customer requirements. We are committed to ensuring the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing operations.

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