Laser Marking Machine, Laser Printer Videojet Making Printed Version In The Product

Laser marking machines, high-tech Videojet laser printers, create permanent etched marks on the product packaging.

Laser engraving machines, laser printers improve the durability of the code without any physical contact. Use more solvent or any of the materials. Industrial laser printers use simple and reliable. Meet the requirements, high requirements of the business.

This is also the first choice of manufacturers. Videojet has developed laser engraving machines, laser printers using CO2 laser technology, Fiber and UV laser. Enables flexible printing on a variety of materials and applications. Videojet printers ensure high quality printing. The operating time is superior, easy to integrate on almost all applications.

CO2 laser printer, Videojet laser printer, meets the printing needs at medium to high speed. Make the production prints perfect, durable on the product. Such as serial number, time, date, batch number and other information.

Videojet laser engraving machines are specially designed. To optimize the setup, operation is very simple. And flexible to adapt to the changing needs of production. Fiber laser marking machine is designed for beverage manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, extruded tubes …

The machine operates at high speed. Engravers such as expiration dates, batch numbers, and other important production information on hard materials. Including plastic and metal. Videojet’s laser laser engraving machine minimizes operator failure. Increased reliability, efficient operation, optimized production time.

Videojet also develops laser markers, laser printers using UV Laser technology. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries can use UV laser technology to prevent counterfeit goods. Brand protection and traceability.

Videojet is the only manufacturer offering UV laser technology, which helps to create etched codes. High level code easy to read on any location of the product. Satisfying the requirements, strict standards of quality, safety – An important element of the pharmaceutical packaging.

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Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of laser engraving machines, laser printer Vieojet in Vietnam. We are committed to providing quality, safe, user-friendly and environmentally friendly products. For customers who need to print date, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to you the most ideal solution.

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