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Vietfish 2018 – 20th International Seafood Show. This is also the largest exhibition of the last 20 years of Vietfish.

Vietfish 2018, gathered 374 booths of 233 units related activities of fisheries. Organizers come from 14 countries and territories. Vietnam alone has 153 units.

Vietfish Seafood Exhibition attracts thousands of visitors every day. Interaction between the organizers and visitors is extremely exciting.

Vietfish 2018 – International seafood exhibition, the seafood showcase eye-catching, attractive. Machinery for the seafood industry with professional style … Staff welcome, product introduction, professional, dynamic and dedicated …

Vietfish 2018 gian hang Huynh Long

All created a vibrant Vietfish 2018, professional and successful.

At the booth Huynh Long No. 406 – 407, the equipment of Vietfish 2018. The atmosphere was excited with the activities of product introduction. Experience advanced technology, modern, updated the latest. Activities such as demonstration machine operation, exchange technology … Has attracted many customers to participate.

Visit Vietfish 2018 by Huynh Long. Visitors are very interested in learning the machinery and equipment on display. The booth exhibits famous brands all over the world. Like Inkjet Videojet (USA), Sesotec metal detector (Germany). Label Brothers Pharmamach (India), Filling Line: Best Crown (China), Yuh Feng (Taiwan). Santung Packing Machine (Taiwan) …

On the last day of Vietfish 2018 exhibition, Huynh Long booth is busy, exciting with many visitors. Not only is the opportunity for Huynh Long to interact, experience technology and machinery with customers. Also, Huynh Long’s industrial equipment products have been brought closer.

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